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Coast Development Authority (CDA) is a State Corporation with the mandate to provide integrated development planning, coordination and implementation of projects and programmes within Coast Region, Southern Garissa and Kenya’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The CDA area of jurisdiction is well endowed with unique Coastal resources that include the sea, rivers, springs (fresh and hot water), lakes, deltas, water catchments, hills and rangelands, marine resources, fisheries, tree crops (cashew nuts, coconuts, bixa), forestry (mangroves), minerals (gemstones), wildlife (Hirola Antelopes, butterflies), tourism, diverse cultures, monuments and history. However, there are some challenges.

CDA has been addressing these challenges by employing a participatory, multi-sectoral and integrated development approach that considers all related factors in sustainable utilization and management of the natural resources for the region’s economic development. CDA works with stakeholders in the planning, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its projects/programmes with the aim to improve the socio-economic well-being of the communities through sustainable exploitation and management of the natural resources. This is in line with its vision and mission.

CDA is guided by strategic plans which form the basis of CDA’s commitment and guiding principles. This Strategic Plan (2018/19-2022/23) is the fourth strategic plan which aims at addressing the needs and aspirations of the Coast region communities in line with the Regional Development Policy, Vision 2030 based on three “pillars” (the economic, the social and the political), Sustainable Development Goals and Kenya Big 4 Agenda (Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security to all Kenyans by 2022, Providing Universal Health Coverage and Guaranteeing quality and affordable Healthcare for all Kenyans, Provision of the Affordable and Decent Housing for all Kenyans and Supporting Value addition and raising the manufacturing sector of GDP to 15% by 2022).


1. GOK funded projects

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3. PPP priority Projects


recognition & awards

Innovation Award 2022

The Authority triumphed in 2022 African Public Service Day Celebrations

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Learn how the Coast Development Authority (CDA) is addressing the region’s challenges of sustainable resource management through a participative, multi-sectoral, and integrated development strategy. Learn how CDA works with stakeholders to promote communities’ socioeconomic well-being by properly utilizing and managing natural resources in accordance with its vision and purpose.