The Coast Development Authority is dedicated to promote sustainable coastal development. With a mandate to offer coordinated development planning, the authority executes its tasks through six directorates. The authority collaborates with communities and other stakeholders to identify and prioritize development projects and interventions that address local issues and possibilities. Its emphasis on sustainable development guarantees that projects are financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable, resulting in long-term advantages for the coastal region and its inhabitants. The authority has six distinct directorates to administer its varied tasks in order to attain this goal.

This directorate is responsible for ensuring legal compliance and providing legal advice to the Coast Development Authority. It handles all legal matters related to the authority’s operations, including contracts, agreements, and disputes.

This directorate oversees the management of natural resources and infrastructure development in the coastal region. It focuses on promoting sustainable use of natural resources, such as land and water, and improving infrastructure to support economic growth.

The Coast Development Authority’s business development directorate is responsible for fostering partnerships and promoting investment opportunities in the coastal region. It seeks to attract businesses and investors to the area, while also supporting local entrepreneurs and SMEs.

This directorate conducts research and analysis to guide the Coast Development Authority’s strategic planning and decision-making processes. It also ensures compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

The directorate of corporate services provides support services to other directorates within the Coast Development Authority. This includes human resources, finance, procurement, communication and administrative functions.

The internal audit directorate is responsible for ensuring accountability and transparency in the Coast Development Authority’s operations. It conducts regular audits to identify areas of improvement and ensure compliance with relevant policies and regulations.