Mwache Multipurpose Dam Development project (Vision 2030 Project) Mwache Catchment Management Sub-Component

Funding : GoK and World Bank through the Ministry of Water, Sanitation & Irrigation

Location: Kwale County

Goal: To reduce siltation and prolong the economic lifespan of the proposed Mwache reservoir through sustainable catchment restoration interventions

Project Components:

  • Support Dam construction
  • Catchment management
  • Capacity building


  • Establishment of Water Resource User Associations (WRUAs) – 24 No.
  • Capacity building of WRUAs – 17 No.
  • Development of Sub-catchment management plans (SCMPs) – 17No.
  • Development, dissemination and enforcement Kwale County Quarrying Act 2016 and Regulations 2017
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Development and implementation of Mwache Catchment Management Plan
  • Afforestation/reforestation – 380,000 trees (378.1ha)
  • Marking and pegging of riparian areas – 314.84ha
  • Planting of vetiver grass for soil stabilization
  • Trainings on dryland farming technologies, establishment and management of woodlots, gender mainstreaming
  • Construction of Gabions – 136 gabions
  • Terracing and Contour plowing – 446.55ha
  • Mwache catchment management campaign & information dissemination.

Implementation status: 

  • Current Status: Implementation ongoing (Dam construction by the ministry of water and catchment management by CDA)
  • Implementation Level: 40%