Modernization Wananchi Resort & SPA

Location: Kilifi Township, Kilifi County

Goal: Improve the livelihoods of people both directly and indirectly through the provision of affordable hospitality services


  • Construction works
  • Furnishing and equipping
  • Operationalization

Achievements :

  • Construction and equipping of the conference facility with a capacity of 400 pax is 100% complete
  • Construction of the Accommodation Block (43 rooms) is 90% complete.
  • Furnishing and equipping of the Accommodation Block 20%
  • Construction and equipping of outdoor restaurant is 90% complete.
  • Renovation of the old facility (Administration Block) is 100% complete.

Implementation Status: • Current Status: Implementation ongoing.
• Implementation Level: 60%




Are you looking for a get-away or a place to host an event?

The Wananchi Cottages and Conference Facility is a gem tucked away in a corner of Bofa, Kilifi and has been in operation for six years since September 2012 offering top-notch quality accommodation, conference facility and restaurant services.

The Wananchi Cottages and Conference Facility is located in Bofa in a secluded enclave facing the bright blue Indian Ocean overlooking Kilifi Creek. It has 2 conference facilities that accommodates up to 100 guests and fitted with air conditioners.CDA takes pride itself in ensuring that all the guest enjoy a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Enjoy sumptuous meals at Tafi Restaurant

The facility owns Tafi Restaurant that offers a great serene environment with tasty mouth watering foods and drinks that will leave your taste buds yenning for more. The foods are prepared by well trained and experienced chefs from breakfast to dinners




Serene Environment….

The hotel has accommodation all en suite complete with WI-FI and television and air-conditioning. It boasts of modern and tiled furnished rooms with spectacular views. The Authority however plans to expand and improve the facility in order to accommodate market demands. According to the CDA Managing Director Dr. Mohammed Keinan ‘the new modernized cottages will include a state-of-the-art conference hall with a capacity to host 1000 visitors, a modern kitchen and store, and more rooms to accommodate up to 50 guests.’

Guests streaming into, visiting or staying at Wananchi Cottages and Conference Facitlity are mainly drawn from the Ministries, government agencies, NGOS, Beach Management Units, and local families who come to relax and enjoy the serene environment and home-cooked meals. It is like a home away from home! It is an ideal set-up for a honey-moon, weekend holiday, nyama-choma weekend, Bango night, Valentine’s Dinner, weddings, graduations, birthdays and lots more! Give it a try…you will not regret it!