Behind many success stories is a fantastic mentor. Even if people claim to have paved their way on their own, there’s a strong chance that someone was there early on to set them on the right path or give them sage advice.

In an effort to improve school performance in primary and secondary students, CDA has identified mentorship as a powerful instrument for bringing change in a society. The Authority recently visited Mwavumbo Secondary School in Mariakani to mentor and offer career guidance talks to 300 form four candidates.

“For a long time, Mwavumbo students have experienced low morale in studies, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, truancy and others drop out and opt for boda-boda business or look for jobs as housemaids in towns”, says Lilian School Guiding & Counseling teacher.

CDA staff actively interacted with Mwavumbo students highlighting the importance of managing peer pressure and mental health; skills development & career development and resist social issues among others.

CDA Deputy Director Business Development & Investment Promotions Dr. Susan Mulewa gives a mentorship talk at Mwavumbo Secondary School, Mariakani.


Dr. Susan Mulewa encouraged students to aim high advance their education and be more responsible in making decisions while trading off some flawed behaviors. Officers shared motivating stories and requirements of pursuing careers such as ICT, Law, Journalism, Project Management and offered guidance link the students with among others.

Mwavumbo Deputy Teacher, Ms. Phelister Kagenda applauded CDA for choosing their school to address career guidance talk as a valuable tool for preparing students for life after school. One of the young students who attended the mentorship session, Seth Kenya, said that the session involving volunteerism and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Centres opened his mind wider and gave him the enthusiasm to do more with his life after college.

                        CDA Staff interact with Mwavumbo secondary students during the career talk.

We believe in empowering youths to unleash their potential and inspire future leaders. The sessions reflect our commitment to holistic development, collaboration and nurturing the potential of youths for a brighter and sustainable future