The collaboration between the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) and the Coast Development Authority (CDA) under the EU has been of great significance to the success of several Self- Help Groups in Kilifi County.  This collaboration has provided essential financial support to communities, enabling them to acquire modern equipments, improve infrastructure and implement sustainable practices towards a better livelihood. The Bore Climate Change group is one of the groups that has benefited from it.


Bore Climate Change Group success story

In Marafa, a group of passionate individuals has come together to combat climate change while creating sustainable livelihoods. The group of twenty people formed the Bore Climate Change Group and partnered with Arsenal Football Club and successfully transformed acres of land into a thriving Forest now called ‘Arsenal Forest’ in Africa. With determination to create a sustainable livelihood, the group decided to venture into bee keeping where they received support from the CDA- NCTC livelihood programme. They received 40 modern beehives providing them with an opportunity to harness the potential of their growing forest.

Taking charge of their destiny, the group’s coordinator Mr. Katana sought training in bee keeping from a renowned figure called Silvia Pirelli popularly known as “Mzungu wa Nyuki” in Malindi. This mentor, whose name epitomizes his expertise in bee keeping, imparted valuable knowledge and insights to the group giving them hope and aspirations on thriving with bee keeping.

Through their passion and dedication, the Bore Climate Change Group has acquired extensive bee keeping skills. Their knowledge, coupled with their unwavering motivation, serves as a driving force behind their remarkable success. The group’s members have invested countless hours in training and learning best practices, ensuring the highest quality honey production.

A month after the installation of the modern bee hives, bees started to swarm around the hives motivating Bore members that they are on the path to success. Each hive holds the promise of producing 20 liters of honey a testament to the profound impact the livelihood project of the CDA- NCTC collaboration is meant to have which can now be termed as “cash cow”.

NCTC AND CDA audit team visit Bore Climate Change Group during a monitoring visit in Marafa, Kilifi County.


Beyond the buzz of bees and the smell of honey, this project holds deeper significance. It symbolizes the unyielding spirit of a community that refused to let their dreams be confined by circumstances. The Arsenal Forest stands tall as a testament to their dedication to nature and their future.

Esther Karisa one of the group members said that, bee keeping has become more than just a business for them; it is a way of life. The skills they have acquired have motivated them to work harder each day, knowing that their efforts are making a positive impact on both their community and their environment.

The economic benefits are not just a dream anymore; they are on the horizon. The Bore Green Umbrella Self-Help Group has meticulously crafted a marketing strategy, paving the way for the honey to reach markets near and far. The sweet aroma of success now permeates the air, reminding the community that they are nurturing not just a cash cow, but also a sustainable source of income for future generations.

The group members have expressed their gratitude to the partnership between NCTC and CDA, under the EU. “It has empowered us, helped turn our dreams into reality and create a better future for ourselves and our families,” says Katana, Group Coordinator.

Today, the Bore Green Umbrella Self-Help Group’s legacy shines brightly, demonstrating how unity, collaboration, and passion for nature can create a future where dreams take flight like bees pollinating flowers. Their journey in bee keeping, set within the Arsenal Forest of Marafa, Kilifi County, Kenya, showcases the power of community-driven initiatives in combating climate change while generating sustainable income. Their story inspires others to embrace change, nurture nature and unlock the true potential that lies within each of us.