Field visit to Mkenge Maelewano Self Help group supported by CDA- NCTC livelihood project for women and youth funded by the EU.


In a close, knit community, a remarkable transformation has taken place. What started as a modest endeavor has blossomed into a thriving poultry business, bringing together a group of passionate individuals with a shared vision for success. Supported by the NCTC-CDA livelihood project for women and youth, under the funding of the EU, this initiative not only aligns with CDA’s mandate but also gave an opportunity for NCTC to counter violent extremism. As the Mkenge Maelewano group embarks on their fifth batch of broilers, their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit shines as an inspiration to all.

Building a Solid Foundation:

The journey of this poultry business began with a united front, as like-minded individuals joined forces, driven by a common purpose. Under the guidance and support of the NCTC-CDA livelihood project, the group received the necessary resources, training and mentorship to develop essential skills. With a strong emphasis on organization and teamwork, the members created detailed work schedules that outlined tasks to be accomplished at the poultry house and for marketing their products.

“It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come,” shared one of the founding members. “From the very beginning, we knew that our success relied on working together efficiently and effectively. The schedules have helped us stay organized and ensure that every task is completed on time.”


A section of the poultry farm of Mkenge Maelewano Self Help Group in Gede, Kilifi County.

From Skills to Empowerment:

The poultry business quickly flourished, thanks to the unwavering dedication and newfound expertise of its members. Through the acquisition of essential skills, such as poultry management, marketing strategies and financial literacy, the group confidently embarked on their fifth batch of birds, motivated by their past accomplishments.

“The skills we have gained through this project have truly transformed our lives,” remarked another member of the group. “We’ve learned the art of rearing healthy birds, managing costs, and reaching out to potential customers. This venture has not only empowered us financially but also boosted our self-confidence.”

A Catalyst for Change:

Recognizing the potential of the group’s united front, the NCTC-CDA partnership envisioned a future where Mkenge Maelewano group could mentor and uplift other groups within their community. With their knowledge and experience, they can be a guiding light for budding entrepreneurs, offering support and guidance to help others achieve self-sustainability.

The Kenya-EU programme funding has played a crucial role in empowering communities with business skills and provision of capital to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey. The project aims to counter extremism through community empowerment on economic opportunities and sustainable livelihoods as key factors in creating resilient communities. So far, the NCTC – CDA collaboration has supported over thirty SMEs groups in Kilifi County through the Livelihood Support Project.