Mwache Dam Project Projects pictorials Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Programme (KCCAP)
Mwache Dam Project is a Government of Kenya flagship project under the Kenya Vision2030 mission and also a necessary facility to provide water for domestic and sanitation purposes including irrigation for Kwale County and at the same time supplement water supply for Mombasa County. It is a World Bank funded project with two components:1. Mwache Dam Construction and related infrastructure and 2.Mwache Catchment Management

Implementation of component 2 of the project is aimed at ensuring that the catchment is rehabilitated before construction of the dam. Implementation of the project is spearheaded by Coast Development Authority, in collaboration with other stakeholders like the Water Resources Authority, Kwale County Government, Kenya Forest Service among others.

The catchment management activities put forward for implementation by the Authority include;Afforestation and terracing both aimed at improving the soil fertility, water retention & rainfall reception and Increasing the forest cover.

Community members engaged in terracing & contouring at Chigato, Mwachiga WRUA

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Mwache river, the project site for Mwache Dam project


Adverse effects of climate change on the shoreline along the vanga area in Kwale County

KCCAP is a government of Kenya programme intended to build resilience and adaptive capacities of selected communities in Kenya. Various activities are being implemented countrywide to enable Kenyan communities and ecosystems cope with the harsh effects of climate change.

Coast Development Authority is an Executing Entity implementing KCCAP activities in Kwale, Taita Taveta and Kilifi Counties which fall under 2 programme components:

1.Improving climate resilient water management systems to enhance food security in selected Counties in Kenya

2.Increasing resilience to the effects of rise in sea level and shoreline changes through Integrated Shoreline and Mangrove Ecosystem Management at Vanga and Gazi in the Coastal region of Kenya.

Community members engaged in mangrove planting at Jimbo site

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